Chris Everritt

Chris Everritt

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First Name * Chris
Last Name * Everritt
Username * ArtisticShamen
Country * United Kingdom
City Liverpool
Nationality British
Languages English


Current Position Self Employed
Current Company Chris Everritt
Areas of Expertise ZbrushCharacter design
Preferred Tools ZBrushPhotoshop


Availability: Full time


So who am i?, I work full time in a kitchen to pay those pesky bills, and I spend most of my spare time trying to get what is inside my head, into 3d form using Zbrush. 9 Months ago I couldn't draw, but Zbrush allows something quite magical to happen. I still cant draw! :-P Im just trying to network and make friends in the community, hopefully develop as an artist and maybe one day be asked to get something done....oh and have fun on the way!!!